How To Make a DIY Carved Rubber Stamp?

The most significant thing to understand when carving stamps is that any stamp you carve will image in reverse. Always remember to invert image before carving if you want an image, a word or something that is direction specific. Below is step by step guide on how to make a DIY carved rubber stamp.


Step One

Use a sheet of paper to follow over your outline that you’d like to curve. Incorporate as much detail as you’d want. When beginning with stamp cutting, I prescribe attempting less demanding shapes and necessary pictures to get its hang. The stem or vine and leaf plans on the layout are fantastic amateur shapes to deal with.


Step Two


Now, you can remove the tracings to exchange on to your elastic sheet. You can likewise abandon them entirely on the sheet, yet I locate the little bits of paper simpler to utilize. Use the back end of a pen or anything to rub the followed picture, pencil side down, on to your elastic square. It should exchange effectively and leave a rubbing on the flexible sheet. Next, use your specialty blade to remove some unpleasant stamp shapes.


Step Three


When you begin cutting you will discover how the sharp edge collaborates with the rubber. You’ll see that it reduces significantly less demanding and smoother than you initially anticipate. Which implies it tends to be anything but difficult to cut an unstable line or gain out of power. An enduring hand will be useful. Tip: Keep your sharp edge enduring and turn the elastic sheet to cut your plan. This dependably delivers the smoothest cuts for me, so I suggest giving it a shot.


Step Four


When you’ve cut your whole design, you can test it out. This is additionally an incredible time to refine your plan and fix any regions you require. Try not to thump yourself if your idea turns out somewhat wonky. You’re merely beginning, and the eccentricity is the reason we are making our particular DIY hand cut elastic stamps. Wipe off your stamp onto some paper, and return it with a sharp edge to tidy up any edges or subtle elements you require. Continue refining your outline until the point that you are happy with it. You can apply these skills when makingĀ easy Halloween themed finger foods.